Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yoga by Candlelight

So I thought I would try something a little different in tonight's Basic Hatha Yoga class and introduced candlelight. Turning off the overhead lights and lining the room with 6 tall pillar candles (colorful and unscented) illuminated the room in such a beautiful way. It was amazing! I focused the class more on relaxation and boy, did the soft light and the "stress relief" incense set the mood. I think we were all pleased and excited by the results. I was most moved as we moved into tree pose, the soft light flickering on all of the stunning artwork filling the space I am so fortunate to teach in. The light danced and played on the wall as we played and moved to find balance. It's amazing how much the smallest external things can change a practice (music, outside sounds, light, etc..).

I might just make this a regular thing. As many of you know, I like to be flexible and when something works (or doesn't) go with it. As Winter is approaching it is beginning to get dark earlier and for some the "cold weather blues" are starting to take hold. Candlelight is a simple way to sooth and calm for your practice. I am very excited to introduce this into our class.

Peace is every step.
The shining red sun is my heart.
Each flower smiles at me.
How green, how fresh all that grows.
How cool the wind blows.
Peace is every step.
It turns the endless path to joy.
- Thich Nhat Hanh


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