Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello! Hello!

Hello, hello, all you yogis out there! Welcome to the blog! I would love to use this site as an opportunity for sharing, community building, and information. Let's get the conversation started!

I am very excited for class tonight. After some much needed tweaks to my schedule I now have my afternoons free for private classes, planning events, and some much needed relaxation. I know I am incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing opportunity as an instructor and I am thrilled to have more time to dedicate to the practice.

This reminds me of a wonderful, recent post on Bonzai Aphrodite about creating a guilt free environment to pursue what calms you and brings you joy. With all of the stresses we all face during the day, in our relationships, in our jobs, in just trying to keep up with life, we need to remember to slow down and give ourselves some time. I understand, 'easier said than done', you say. But what is the point of all of that stress if we can't enjoy our life? I have been thinking about this sentiment a lot lately, especially with my new change of pace. This practice brings so much to my life and I am finding the more time I give to it, the more rewarding it becomes. It can be difficult to create the time for ourselves, I am the first to admit to that, but it is so important. Morning baths, reading a book you've been putting off, nightly walks with the fam, or whatever you have been wanting to pursue, but simply haven't found the time all of these things will reward us if we allow ourselves the freedom to just do them. So maybe dinner will be late or we'll have to wake up 20 minutes early, but is that really so bad?

So what's on your to do list? What will you do this week just for you?

Maybe a living room dance party is exactly what you need.


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