Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here in the Midwest we're heading into a big ol' nasty blizzard or what some awesome person named thundersnow. It's basically heavy snowfall accompanied by thunder and lightning, unlike a regular thunderstorm where the thunder and lighting is accompanied by rain. On paper this is totally magnificent, but in reality I'm just worried about my husband driving back and forth from work in this mess.

This storm, the latest in quite the slew of yuck-tastic weather, has my poor, worried mother calling every few hours to check in on her pregnant daughter. Yes, I have a backup heating source. Yes, I have candles and lots of blankets. Yeah, my phone is fully charged. Yep, I'm stockpiled up to my baby bump in non-perishable food items. 
I'm fully prepared and have nowhere to go so BRING ON THE THUNDERSNOW (and completely dissipate by the time my hubby heads to work)! Since I have chosen not to look out the window I can only imagine something like this is going on... 
Illustration by Martin Austermuhle
With the snow-pocalypse happening outside my front door, I'm playing it safe indoors. Drinking lots of hot herbal tea, Netflix watching, and general lounging will be the goings on of this house. Lots of craft projects are currently in the works (with photos soon to come) so I'm sure they'll enter the agenda at some point, but in no rush. Today is a wonderful excersize in relaxation and I'm taking full advantage. 
Stay safe and warm!

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