Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily Meditation 4.12.10

"Isolation is difficult for any human, whether male or female, but for women it is what psychologists call 'ego dystonic,' or out of tune with our accustomed way of being. For that reason it has the potential to be a serious stress despite the business of our lives. We need to be mindful of the continuous need to support and be supported by one another." 

- Joan Borysenko in A Woman's Book of Life 


Just a Little Nut-Meg said...

My mom's stroller aerobics class got canceled for tomorrow morning and Cady has a terrible rash, so I will not be able to go to a "mom's night out" or take her to a play date tomorrow night or Thursday AM. I was actually just thinking, prior to reading this, "I am going to feel so ALONE" all those days of just me and baby. (My husband is still out of town). It's amazing to me how sometimes you blog about my thoughts :)

Tara said...

:) Hehe. Thanks!
I hope you're time with you and baby went well. Poor Cady! Rashes are no fun at all. I hope she is doing well now.
As far as feeling alone, I know from experience that it can be so easy to become isolated. I think it's more important that we often acknowledge to our mental health to stay involved with people and interests we care about. It's wonderful that you have so many outlets for both yourself and Cady!