Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sacred Space

First off, thank you all for your kind words. My fears about sharing the struggles I have been facing were completely calmed and your insight has helped me immensely. You are officially the best.

With the whirlwind of emotion I have been in lately I have been seeking the care and advice of a few good ladies. A couple days ago I found some time to talk to a great "mama friend" (and all around amazing gal) about all this hullaballoo. She is one of those friends who always gives you so much insight and wisdom that you almost hate how in tune she is, but then you remember that you love it. Ha! So of course when stuff started to get crazy in the old noggin' I gave her a ring and of course she was loving and patient and gave me some uber awesome advice. One of the things she said has really been resonating with me the last couple of days. Basically the gist is to allow yourself sacred space and time just for you Whether it's five minutes of calming meditation or an hour to take a walk, whatever brings you ease and peace of mind (and works with your schedule).

The concept is so simple and I have spoken before about making time for yourself so I completely understand how important that can be. The idea of ritualizing it though is very attractive to me. Every single day doing the same thing at the same time just for you. Obviously we can't all be that rigid with our schedules and flexibility is a virtue, but prioritizing yourself in that way I think is quite amazing. To be our best selves for the people we care about we must take care and be gentle with ourselves. We all deserve a little "me" time to regroup, refocus and sometimes just to rest. 

I am trying to put this concept into action with my long baths in the morning followed by the best thing ever, the NAP. Nothing unwinds me like a nice, calming bath. I mean seriously, is there anything better than a good bath? Maybe I'm a little overzealous about the awesomeness of bathtime- friends have definitely laughed and joked about my love for them. What can I say? It makes me super happy. I allow myself time to think, relax, and soothe from whatever the day has presented. It is my mindful meditation, helping me become present and accepting. And now with the little one's arrival it also helps me heal physically. Taking some time in the water eases the tense muscles (as well as a tense mind) brought on by the physical strain of having a newborn. Follow that greatness up with a nap and you are fresh as new, with a present heart and rested body. 

 My dream tub. I mean c'mon, how rad is this?

Allowing myself the time and freedom to do these things, to create "sacred space" for myself, is what will allow me to be my highest self. I am fortunate enough to have a truly amazing partner that acknowledges my needs and gives me that time and space completely guilt-free. In fact it is very much encouraged. (I think he sees how much of a difference it makes and wants to keep the mean, sleep deprived lady I become far, far away!) I am filled with gratitude for this time and hope that I will continue to take advantage of it. 

We all need the time and space to engage in things that bring us peace. We all need that time just for ourselves to be our best selves. Make the time I guarantee you will reap the benefits. You deserve it. 


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