Monday, February 13, 2012


Perusing antique stores was a favorite pastime for the hubby and I prior to the bebe's birth. Finding aged beautiful items to fill our home (or at least rumaging through piles of tacky chachkies) filled many a weekend. Estate sales, antique stores, thrift shops, you name it I'm there. There's something really sweet and romantic about giving an item a second (or third or fourth) life in your home, imaging where its been, whose homes its shared before. Clearly I'm a little bit sentimental about it, but it's just always been something that I have had so much fun doing and that continues to reap rewards every time you look at a "found" piece. When I was pregnant and not so inclined to be interacting with the public (let alone walking, bending, searching) I got my fix by watching hour upon hour of American Pickers. The hubby would bring me homecooked meals in bed. We would cuddle up and enjoy the toothless hillbillies and undiagnosed hoarders together. It was lovely.

So last week being able to have our first family antiquing trip was quite the treat! Ezra was wonderful and loved looking (and grabbing) at all the merchandise. He happily browsed along with us in his maya sling, screaming with joy any time something caught his eye. Our day was easy and peaceful. It was lovely and reassuring and that all that good stuff.

We were able to find some pretty great items for our new place.

The Map. This large vintage wall map just made my day ...and it's TWO SIDED. How neat is that? The continental U.S. on one side (it was made prior to the 50's) and the world on the other. Immediately after getting home we had to find this beautiful map a place to live and I am so happy with how it looks in our apartment.

First Aid Kit (empty).  This vintage tin is from the 40's and still had its original instruction manual. At a great price we couldn't pass this up as a place to keep all of Ez's day to day products close by.

Jewelry Box. I love me a good jewelry box and this one is just adorable. My accessories have now officially taken over my entire cabinet and need more room to grow. This box is a perfect little place for brooches and pins to live so once I can get them all separated and organized that's the plan. Is it just me or is organizing your jewelry fun?

We had an awesome day with some pretty wonderful finds! Yay antiquing! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. 




Lea said...

Oh my goodness, Tara! That map is gorgeous! Such a lucky find!

Mama Smith said...

That map is the best! Great find. I so miss thrifting- there were lots of antique and junk shops where I grew up but here in Boston and the cape it's all so overpriced. Love your new finds and looking forward to seeing more of your place :)

Danielle said...

That old jewelry box is beautiful. I bet it's hand-carved.