Friday, March 23, 2012

Product Review: The Baby Bullet

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Baby Bullet, except for the fact that I love their product.

So we began the adventure of pureeing a few months ago with the help of our handy Baby Bullet. I know it's a little gimicky, but it is a system and it's a system that totally works for us.

When it came to making Ez's food I wanted something that was specifically designated for the task. I know myself and organization is key to my success at anything. Without a plan I am pretty much lost. I prefer recipes to whipping something up off the top of my head. I look forward to making my weekly shopping list. I write completely unneccessary things in my planner just to mark them off. Blog about Baby Bullet. Nothing helps me feel more present than when I know all my ducks are in a row.

With the Baby Bullet I really liked how simple and efficient the whole thing was. I didn't have to worry about finding the right size tupperware or something to store or freeze my overflow in. I didn't have to worry about cross contamination or keeping track of when I made what. It was all laid out for me. I cooked up some yummy food. I whirled it around a few times in the processor. I clicked the little lids to the date I made the food so there was no way of forgetting. Simple and fool proof, my kind of system.

For some it might seem like more work than it's worth, but for me organization is freedom (not to mention the whole thing is actually really fun)!

Also I can't help but love all the little smiling faces on everything.

We currently are probably at around 50/50 with homemade food/jarred food and that's worked perfectly for us. There's no pressure or rushing at the last minute and I can be confident that he's eating well.

As far as the actual product goes I am definitely satisfied. Everything seems relatively well made and we've had no issues with the mechanics of it. All of the individual pieces are holding up well and work together nicely as a cohesive little system.

We're big fans and clearly Ezra is loving the final product.


Mama Smith said...

Love those smiley faces too! We started out using something similar to the bullet (babycook) but it was summer when Wyatt started eating which meant I had lots of fresh veggies and wanted to make them in bulk and freeze them. We ended up just using our regular kitchen gadgets for the most part but used the babycook for fruit which I would just make meal-by-meal.

He looks like he's eating very well! Cutey.

Rebecca said...

I love the little smiley faces too! We just bought a small food chopper and we're getting ready to start experimenting with some purees in the near future. Can't wait!

Annie said...

I love this! I definitely want to make my own baby food in the future :)