Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh, Happy Lull

A drive through Holiday Park (with the wrong camera setting- oops!)

 SANTA ICECREAM CAKE! / (Following belly ache not pictured)

 Christmas cutie

I hope you all are enjoying lots of holiday cheer! This last week has been beautiful and hectic and lovely. Long car rides, visiting with family, and an overwhelming amount of toys have us a bit tired and run down. We are resting with grateful hearts, enjoying the abundance.

We are taking in the quiet, enjoying the lull, and remembering how nice unscheduled days (just the three of us) feel.


Danielle said...

I love these photos.
And that santa ice cream cake is incredible.

I hope you had a wonderful christmas!

And Wade is feeling much better. Thank you for the concern.


What a sweet, elfin little boy he is! (And he looks so much like mama in those pictures!.)

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

I like the pictures with the "wrong" setting! They look cool!! And that Santa cake looks like it was worth the belly ache : )

Mama Smith said...

He is too adorable in those red jammies! We are like you, a bit beleaguered from travels and holding tight for the New Year. Happy 2013!