Friday, January 25, 2013


What an amazing long birthday weekend I enjoyed. (Thank you all so much for your kind and thoughtful words on my special day. Ya'll are too sweet!) It might have been the most jammed packed (definitely longest) weekend we have had as a family since Ezra was born. Kellen took off Friday and Monday from the news giving us plenty of time to really enjoy ourselves.

Friday we thrifted with the little guy and hit up one of our favorite local vintage spots, The Lucky Tiger. I'm pretty sure if we were childless when this store opened we would have set up shop and never left. But with so many little lovelies right at little guy's fingertips, our visits are few and far between.That evening my sweet husband could not resist and gave me my present a night early. I opened the box to find a FujiFilm Instax 210. He couldn't have done any better.

Saturday Kellen and I had set aside for a day date (we have both concluded that we should do more often)! Ice skating, frozen yogurt, antique mall shopping, and dinner at an adorable new restaurant made for an amazingly sweet and insanely long day. Before dinner we stopped back by our house to have a mini b-day celebration with my family and Ez. I felt so incredibly loved (...and received two wellness books I have already devoured! Absolutely perfect gifts! Thanks, guys!) We ended the day with a little wine nightcap and laughing at how ridiculous our ice skating skills are.

Sunday we packed up the whole fam and headed down to Kansas City to stay with my mom for yet another birthday party. (I'm a crazy lucky gal with all this love in my life.) My mama served us divine homemade veggie lasagne and Ezra had a huge kick out of playing with Amir, her dog and I'm pretty sure his best friend. (He talks about this dog in his sleep and it's the sweetest thing you've ever seen.) We took Ezra to Crown Center and let him go wild in the toy store, watch the outdoor ice skating, and draw us some perfect scribbles at Crayola. Later in the evening the hubby and I headed out to a delicious dinner and drinks at McCoy's (voted best vegan/vegetarian bar food in KC by The Pitch and one hell of a brewery). Our meal was totally scrumptious and throw in some Winter's Ale and you've got the beginning to a totally fun date. We chatted and snuggled and enjoyed the wealth of couple time that we had graciously been given. We looked back on the last year and planned for the upcoming one. We reveled in the moment, being in a city we don't often visit with a free ticket to simply enjoy one another. Several beverages and one cab ride later we flopped down on my mother's bed like teenagers, whispering about all the fun we'd had.

Monday morning came bright and early with Ezra sharing a room with us. Oh, sweet birthday hangovers. But with some breakfast, showers, and a little bit of children's television we all managed to have a great morning and make it out of the house with relative ease. But how could we not be super stoked? We were on our way to the Sea Life Aquarium. With it's womb-like qualities and all the awesome fishies Ez seemed to have a pretty good time at the aquarium (minus a small tantrum). Of course we purchased a cheesy photo of us all fleeing from a giant octopus. I am such a sucker for that type of silliness and Ezra giggles, saying "FISH!" every time he sees it. Perfect. We finished our time in KC with lunch at Cafe Gratitude, an absolutely perfect end to our celebratory weekend.

I am so very, very fortunate for all the love and abundance that I have in my life. Thank you so much everyone that helped to make me feel so special.




Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

This is SUCH a cute post!!!!

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! : )
2. Couple time is the best!!! And don't you appreciate it SO much more after becoming a mom??? I totally took it for granted before!
3. That aquarium looks sooooo fun!!!!

Lauren Knight said...

Happy Birthday, Tara! Looks like you had tons of fun!

Lea said...

So fun and what a privilege to get to go out for drinks while Baby E hangs out with Grandma! Happy birthday! It looks/sounds like a wonderful time!