Monday, February 4, 2013

Play Hard // Laugh Harder


So I thought the family motto this weekend would be work hard/ play hard, but somehow it morphed into play hard/ laugh harder. Ah, well. Good times were definitely had by all completely balancing out the fact that very little productive work (like painting the bathroom) was accomplished.

Friday we read books, enjoyed some living room dance parties, and tried to keep ourselves happily occupied indoors. It was a much needed calm day. After Ez went to bed I fought the urge to busy myself around the house, instead I prepared a relaxing set up in our bedroom (candles, heating pad for my back, soft lighting, and a glass of wine), and read. These little mini-dates with myself are small little bits of self love that feed my soul. After a week of toddler chasing and funkitude some quiet and a good book was so very perfect. When the hubby got home we cuddled up in the fortress of relaxation I had created and watched some West Wing (which at this pace will probably take us 10 years to get through all 7 seasons).

Although we had planned on lots of cuddly family time on Saturday I think we were all feeling the need to stretch our legs and get out of house, so family thrifting filled our morning. As usual Ezra made out like a bandit with many new books and a crazy adorable fresh summer outfit. After Ez's afternoon nap he and I hit up The Lucky Tiger for their First Saturdays event. Nothing makes my heart sing like some live music, good friends, and a chili cook off! With a single veggie chili in the mix the little guy and I were able to fill our bellies and vote in the contest. Ezra had a blast dancing and running through the store grabbing everything in site which made for a hilarious (and cardio filled) afternoon. When we arrived home I was feeling high on good (and brief with all the previously mentioned running) conversation. Wanting to continue those conversations, but maybe while actually sitting down this time we enlisted our number one, amazing sitter at the last minute. Spontaneity is a bit of a rarity these days, so this was an especially nice little treat for us. Kellen and I headed out after dinner and met up with some lovely friends before heading to see local favorites, The Souveneers play at one of our favorite spots. It felt good to be surrounded by so many amazingly talented friends and to kick our heels up and dance the night away.



Sunday we rested. All that unexpected heel kicking had taken it out of us and a total comfort day was in order. Peanut butter pancakes, homemade banana soft serve, Hugo, and lots of snuggling were top priority.

It wasn't the quiet weekend I expected, but it was sweet and pure and a hell of a lot of fun (and who can ask for more?).

Now was the first day of pantless potty training and wowzers if that hasn't been interesting. Poop in the windowsill. POOP IN THE WINDOWSILL, PEOPLE. Every blanket we own is currently in the washer from the mess that was today and I am so ready to just crash out and not worry whether someone is peeing on their books. I know the first day is notoriously difficult, but anyone who has used this method and would like to share some tips they would be much appreciated. Here's hoping tomorrow we'll hit the potty a bit more!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!



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Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

This sounds like the GREATEST weekend!!! : ) (OK, minus the poop in the window sill part!) baha! That is totally something Carter would do! We have been working on potty training for a while now and I still do not have any advice!! haha He is at the point now where he'll tell me he has to go and he'll sit on his potty for a while, but then he stands up and goes on the floor! ugh!! And he still pees on his books ; ) Guess they're just a fun target or something. Boys!