Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yoga Mama

Hello all! I know it has been so long since we last spoke! Many, many apologies to all of you.

An explanation:
As many of you know I have recently found out that I am pregnant with our first child. (a million 'yay's!) I cannot tell you how thrilled my husband and I are to bring a new life into our little family and the world. As we are bursting at the seams with joy, I have also been bursting with sickness. No worries, I will spare you the uninteresting, graphic details, but let's just say mama has not been feeling so well lately. My general bleh has kept me away from classes, my practice, and my full time job and I have missed it dearly! I am optimistic that this phase of my pregnancy is quickly coming to an end (again, a million 'yay's!) and should be able to return to life soon. I can't wait to get back into the groove of teaching and feeling that amazing energy that only comes from a class.


We are always students, always learning, growing, changing, evolving... I am now a student of something new. Life has grown and changed and I am humbled. I am learning a new way to not only listen to my body and my needs, but the body and the needs of another. As initially strange and foreign it was, I am settling into this new awareness. I have been using a new mantra while getting back into my practice that holds a special meaning for me right now, but I believe is a beautiful sentiment regardless.


Together may we be protected
Together may we be nourished
Together may we work with great energy
May our journey together be brilliant and effective
May there be no bad feelings between us
Peace, peace, peace

(From the Katha Upanishad)


I will keep you all updated about classes and all that goodness. Thank you for allowing a bit of self-indulgence here and I look forward to seeing all of you shortly!


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Christiana said...

We used that chant to open each day of my Yoga teacher training, love it! Can't wait to see you!!