Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good Intentions Paving Company

With the new year finally here and happily being in the "family way" I have been thinking a lot about intentions. Last year I made a list of intentions instead of resolutions for 2010. Intentions are less specific, more overall statements of desire and intent than your standard new year's resolutions. I liked the idea of not being held to strict pacts with myself that I would undoubtedly falter or fail with and the guilt that would follow. This familiar path from past years was something I was more than happy than to do away with. No resolutions means no guilt. With the guilt-free attitude in mind, January 1, 2010 I made my list of ten intentions for the year. I vowed to try to adhere to them, but not beat myself up if I were to struggle or drop a few of them along the way. I mean isn't that the best we can really offer ourselves? A plan or inspiration to do something that would better our lives and give it an honest, non-judgmental go?

My 2010 Intentions:

1. Worry less. Turn stress into productive energy and for heaven's sake, stay positive!
2. Be good to my body. Exercise every day I am able.
3. Be good to my mind and spirit. Meditate or journal every day I am able.
4. Eat healthily and mindfully. Enjoy food!
5. Be a good wife to Kellen. Let him know everyday how much he means to me. Be a part of making his life more beautiful.
6. Be present. Be aware. Be love.
7. Lower my environmental impact. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
8. Pursue happiness in whatever form in takes. Unnecessary pressure is just that, unnecessary.
9. Spend more active time with our furry friends. Walk Ellie (our dog) every day I am able.
10. Appreciate the beauty and abundance that is my life. Remember my role in reflecting it back.

My list was simple, doable and I am thrilled to say I feel pretty darn good about 2010. I made realistic expectations of myself and followed through. No, I wasn't always perfect. There are many days I do not exercise in any form or meditate. There are days when I am a jerk to people I care about and forget to walk the dog. Sometimes I am hard too hard on myself or others. Sometimes we're all jerks that throw our plastic in the garbage and stress out over lame stuff, but that's totally okay. Making an effort to be better, to be more, is all we can expect from ourselves. Give yourself a template, keep away from the judgment, and have a good time. You will be surprised how much you can do when you stop trying so hard.

With that being said, I am sticking with it in 2011.

Intentions for 2011, the year when so much will change in our family. What intentions do I have for this upcoming journey? Ah, there are so many the mind boggles and runs away from all the potential stress and scariness. I will become a mother this year, with all of the beauty and terror that entails. I mean, wow...I will become a mother this year. How will the choices I'm making now and throughout this year (and a lifetime) change and mold someone I haven't even met yet? What intentions do I have as a parent, as a wife, as a individual and how can I bring them into harmony with one another? All of these questions have been bouncing around in my head these last several weeks. With the pressure on and so many opportunities to become overwhelmed, I have decided to keep it simple this year. No list for 2011, just a word, gratitude. I know what brought me happiness last year and I will continue to do those things. I don't need to make a redundant list, when the point is to keep growing, adding on, taking what works and building on it. This year will be the year of gratitude, or at least that's the plan. With so many changes I know it will be important for me to remember how ridiculously fortunate I am and give as much love as I can back. I can't wait for all of the wonderful and new experiences that I will have this year. A new life is unfolding and I so excited to embrace all that it has to bring. I know there will be many challenges, but I have a pretty good hunch that it will all be worth it.


"I don't always feel lucky, but I'm smart enough to try." - Ani Difranco


Kyla Ward said...

You are so awesome! Intentions are a wonderful alternative to resolutions. Resolving to do anything has such a ring of finality that it's hard to compensate for the curve balls of life. To intend is to attempt with good hope and faith that things will turn out well. I love it.

Tara said...

Thank you, Kyla! I completely agree about the finality of resolving. It makes the whole thing a bit too pass/fail for me. Let's keep up with the good intentions this year!

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