Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tunes: Sigur Ros

In making my birth playlist I have been revisiting a lot of music that I haven't listened to in some time. It has been quite the trip down memory lane to look back and sift through the songs that have been the soundtrack to the last several years of my life. In making this playlist I wanted to make sure that every song was hand-chosen, calming, and had personal meaning. Music has the ability to transport me to a very specific place and time, so I wanted to be assured that I would be recalling sweet and loving memories when listening. 

Obviously I'm not sure what emotional state I will be in during labor or if I'll even want music. Some women during the laboring process find music incredibly helpful, giving their mind something to focus on, easing the tension and pain while some only find it a distraction. So my plan is that when the time comes I want to give myself a some good listening options if I so desire. Call it a present to my future self.

Many of the songs that made the final cut hold strong personal significance (our first date/ Valentine's Day mixtapes/ what we were listening to the weekend we eloped) and as it turns out a lot of Sigur Ros is in the mix. I have used quite a bit of their music in my yoga classes since I began teaching as well as my personal practice. During my teacher training program I listened to Ágætis byrjun almost every night and am instantly taken back to the excitedness of that time upon hearing it. Those songs bring to me a place of anticipation and peace, a place that I hope to be as we introduce our little one to the world.



GoodnessMeGoddess said...

Yoga class to sigur ros sounds ah-maz-ing! What days/times are your classes? I would really like to make one while we are in town, if possible. Let me know! :)

Tara said...

Aw thanks, dude! Sigur Ros is so much fun to teach to. It just seems to work so perfectly. As far as classes go during the pregnancy I've only been doing private instruction. That seems to work best for everybody. If I am still physically able I'd love to have a class with you when you're in town, but if not we will definitely make it a rain check for once I bounce back and you make your way around these parts again! :)