Thursday, May 5, 2011

Currently Reading: Rose: Love in Violent Times

Currently Reading is a segment in which I would like to discuss what book(s) I've been putting my nose in recently and hear about all of your current literary adventures, a resource to share about what books have found us for the first time or to muse on old favorites that have recaptured our interest. I have always been introduced to the best reads from close pals, so I hope we can recreate that feeling of sharing here.

 Inga Muscio's first book Cunt: A Declaration of Independence is a read I go back to often. It came to me at the exact right time in my life and opened me up to perspectives I had never considered or even knew existed. As informative as it was fun, it has been a read I have recommended to many friends, young and old, male and female. When I came across Muscio's third book Rose: Love in Violent Times I was silly excited to get to a' reading. With her confessional tone and raw honesty I couldn't wait to hear her thoughts on violence in the world. I was definitely not disappointed.

 In true form she calls for positive change, addressing how violence (war, abuse, passive violence, cultural trauma, etc...) informs our everyday lives and relationships in ways we are often unaware of. Through personal anecdotes, history, and theory she presents her very unique take on how to resist contributing to the damaging cycle of passive violence, supporting physical violence, and creating space for love of all kinds in our lives. Rose offers a fresh take on recovering from trauma and achieving empowerment. I imagine I will return to it often, finding new things to love with each read.


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