Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mama Goodness

 @ 33 weeks pregnant enjoying life without waistbands

What do you get when you mix lots of sunshine, an amazing husband and one good friend with some mad photography skills? My awesome weekend.  

Friday evening was spent shooting our maternity photos (soon to come), having a lovely dinner, and catching up on the local going-ons with a dear friend.  

Saturday we took in all that lovely Midwest sunshine, playing in the backyard with the pup and running around town picking up the last of our birthing supplies. Nothing can describe the feeling of relaxation that comes with looking into your nursery and feeling prepared (or as prepared as you can be). After a day full of fun in the sun daddy-to-be and I enjoyed a terrible movie and giggled ourselves to bed.  

Sunday I enjoyed a lovely hubby-made breakfast (my favorite kind) with lots of kisses and cuddles (both of the husband and puppy variety). After a great morning at home my mom and I met up in Platte City, MO. Hopefully starting a new tradition we shared a wonderful mother-daughter picnic, exchanging gifts, laughs and lots of mama goodness. I hope to someday be half the mother that I have been blessed with. Her love and support inspire me even more at the beginning of my own journey into motherhood than ever before. I love you mom! 
I am so fortunate to have such thoughtful people in my life. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.
1988- my mama and my dirty little face
Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there!  
Some of my favorite blogger mama quotes:
"To the music-makers with bottle shakers and the fight-for-what-is-righters and those who watch for fingers before they close car doors. For the lunch packers and the show-and-tell reminders and the tear-wipers who open their beds to tiny folks with monsters in their dreams." - Girls Gone Child
"Since having a baby, the way I see my mom has changed. I understand more, realize things looking back that I didn't see at the time. I'm sure as Káel gets older those epiphanies will only continue to happen. Not saying that I didn't appreciate her before, because I totally did, it's just different. I relate to her heart now on a different level and I love it. My grid of thankfulness for and to her has been drastically enlarged to say the least."- Boho Baby Bump
"~Blessed Mother's Day~ praises to the Divine Mother of us all...Gratitude to all the mamas who held a child in her womb, birthed with the power of the universe, and loved & cared for their wee one every moment...Our work is powerful, as we are shaping the world with our love. Know that you are LOVE." - Unfolding Lotus Birth Support 
Mother's Day 2011- the hubby and me

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alternaoperandi said...

you look so much like your mother in that picture! if i didn't know better, i could mistake the two of you... both so beautiful!