Monday, May 9, 2011

Daily Meditation 5.9.11

Metta Meditation

There are several ways to practice metta. One way involves reciting a series of phrases to yourself or aloud. Begin by sitting quietly and directing these phrases to yourself several times.

Traditionally the phrases are: 

May I be free from danger. 
May I be happy. 
May I be healthy. 
May I live with ease. 

Move on to direct these phrases to someone we love, perhaps a spouse, child, or friend. 

May you be free from danger. 
May you be happy. 
May you be healthy. 
May you live with ease. 

Traditionally you would follow this by directing the phrases to a neutral person in your life, possibly a co-worker or distant relative. 

Then we move on to a difficult person and direct the phrases to him or her. Allow the words to become truth and this will become easier with time.

Metta is generally translated as lovingkindness. In this practice we cultivate compassion and connection with others and with all of life. Metta is love without attachment, without a desire to possess.

In practicing Metta meditation, we are creating a skillful habit of mind, one which allows us to connect with all that is around and within us. We begin by extending compassion to ourselves and our loved ones and gradually expand our practice to include all beings, eventually those that we fear or dislike. 

This type of compassionate meditation helps us to be less reactive, less stressed out and easy to judgment or anger. We are moving away from the mental habits of hatred, disappointment and despair. As we open our hearts to include that with which we are afraid, our fear naturally decreases or all together disappears.


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