Friday, August 19, 2011

About Last Night

Last night after putting Ezra to bed and enjoying a couple precious hours of sleep myself I was awoken by what sounded like a firing squad of golf balls.  The pounding on the windows came out of nowhere and as my eyes opened I saw the flash of lightning illuminate the room. It was a bad storm which is nothing special in the Midwest, but this one was BAD. I have never heard hail like that and the wind made it seem like the house could be picked up at any moment. It was seriously scary. The whole house had been roused, waiting in fear for the worst of it to pass...and Ezra was sleeping. As hail slammed against our home, wind whooshed past the bedroom windows, and lightning lit up the sky my baby slept like, well, a baby. By the time he was up for his first overnight feeding the storm had moved on and all was once again calm.

Stepping outside this morning I found the damage that had been done to our backyard. The large tree, giving our yard most of its shade and providing a home to many little creatures, had been hit by lightning. The tree's largest branch has been split apart from the base and was caught only by our garage. We are seriously lucky. I mean crazy fortunate. If our garage hadn't been there or it had been struck at a different angle most of the tree would have gone through the front windshield of our car. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. Beyond the damage caused by the tree, our electricity meter was ripped out of the brick outside our home, the lines now running through the yard. Compared to most though we are incredibly lucky. 

Driving through town on my way to the store this morning downed trees and power lines littered the streets. I had to take a long detour to what is normally a 5 minute drive to avoid it all. A large portion of the city is out of power and quite a few homes were damaged by the storm. We are so lucky that it was just our one little tree and that it fell in such a way that we were spared any major expense.

Today we are counting our blessings and sending out support to those who suffered damage from this crazy storm. Wishing you all a beautiful and safe weekend!


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