Monday, August 15, 2011

On Sleep

Sleep- the all important ruler of the world. Without it we are unable to function, to feel good or healthy. And if you're me, a lack of it is a one way ticket to crazytown (this kind, not that one).

The last few days Ezra has begun sleeping 4-5 hours straight a night. T.H.E. B.E.S.T. T.H.I.N.G. E.V.ER. This new development is a GAME-CHANGER. Seriously, I feel so much better than I have in a long time. With something resembling a "normal" sleep schedule everything seems so much brighter, in focus.

Sleep is a beautiful thing and I am so happy to have it back in my life. Keeping in mind that everything with a newborn is flexible and open to change I sincerely hope this sleeping business is here to stay (or at the very least takes long vacations here).

I could definitely get used to this.



Baby in Broad said...

Hooray for sleep! It's true that everything changes, especially with a little one, but definitely enjoy it while you have it.

Also, Ezra is the sweetest little peach of a babe! I want to kiss that little face all over!

~ Noelle

Tara said...

@Noelle- Too true. I am trying to revel in all its glory while it hangs around. Also, thank you. We think he's pretty darn adorable (but obviously we're a little biased)! A very kissable lil' face, indeed.