Monday, September 26, 2011

Asanas: Marjaryasana/ Bitilasana (Cat Cow Pose)

Cat Cow Pose

Step by Step

Start on your hands and knees making sure your knees are directly below your hips and your wrists, elbows and shoulders are in line. Keep your head in a neutral position, eyes looking at the floor.

As you exhale, round your spine toward the ceiling, making sure to keep your shoulders and knees in position. Without forcing your chin to your chest simply release your head toward the floor.

Inhale and lift your sit bones and chest toward the ceiling, allowing your belly to sink toward the floor and your core to expand. Lift your head up and look straight forward, drawing your shoulders down.

Exhale, coming back to neutral, flat backed position on your hands and knees. Repeat several times.


* Stretches and strengthens back, core, and neck
* Releases tension in the lower spine


*Neck injuries (keep neck in line with the spine)

This week will be pretty intense around these parts. Add packing, moving, and a teething baby together (yes, already!) and you've got my next several days. We are trying to take it a little at a time so as not to completely stress ourselves or Ezra out too much and so far so good. Putting together a box when time presents itself, making a trip a day or so to the new place, slowly transitioning from here to there is the plan. Hopefully by the end of this week we will be completely moved and settling into our new home.

As Kellen said earlier this week, "It's like theatre magic. It'll get done because it has to. There is no other choice." No matter how crazy the next week is it will soon be behind us and we will be in a much better space for our family. That is what is important as I am sure I will have to remind myself in the heat of the yuck that is moving.

Sending you all lots of love and calm this week.


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