Thursday, September 22, 2011

La Casa de Adequate Sleep

We are having such a good week in La Casa de Adequate Sleep! Ez is doing so well, sleeping like an absolute champ at night and developing a great day routine. His amazing and hilarious little personality is beginning to shine and I am falling deeper and deeper in love with every day that passes. We are packing for our move (making the most of nap times) and trying to organize the overwhelming schedule that is the next couple of weeks. 

 In addition to that fun I have been mixing up my work outs with walking, cardio, dance, and yoga and honestly, it feels so incredible. Sometimes I bitch and moan, but afterwards I feel like a superhero. Getting back into a physical routine (or into one for the first time) can be pretty rough, but there is always that payout, the after workout high.  Starting the morning with some kind of physicality (stretching, running, sex...whatever works) empowers the rest of the day. I feel much more capable of maintaining my household, going to work, or playing with that awesome baby after the elation of a great workout. The laundry doesn't seem like the end of the world, making breakfast is a piece of cake, changing diapers is no big thing, etc... since I'm already up and moving. It's not always possible and sometimes I'm just too exhausted from life, but when I am able to it always leads to better productivity and general good moodedness.

Here's to good moods and kick ass sleep to match! 


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