Monday, September 12, 2011

Lots of Happiness, Keeping Us Distracted

Our trip to Children's Mercy for Ezra's x-rays went well, as well as something like that can go. Everyone was incredibly kind, the facilities were wonderful, and we were in and out in less than an hour. It was definitely a humbling experience and no matter the results I am filled with gratitude for my boy's health and happiness. At this stage I am trying to keep from putting the horse before the cart and creating unnecessary stress. We should have more information by Wednesday of this week so for now we wait.

Luckily our calendar was booked this weekend, helping us avoid dwelling on the unknown.

Saturday we attended a beautiful wedding of friends as Kellen's mother watched our little man. Communing with so many good people (and enjoying a few cocktails) felt wonderful. The weather was picture perfect, with that perfect hint of a Fall chill. I myself could never have gone through the stress and anticipation of planning a wedding (hence why we eloped), but it is always reaffirming to share in the celebration of love. Recommendation- photobooths at weddings. It was seriously silly fun and now both the couple and us have adorable pictures to remember the night. 

Sunday was "Family Day" at the museum in which I work. Ah! Baby's first (of many) trips to the museum! How could I not be excited? Kellen's mom was still in town so we were all able enjoy the festivities together. I browsed the new exhibits, but only in short intervals as Ezra wanted to be walked at a very particular pace you could call brisk. So there we were walking quite quickly back and forth through the museum, taking a little breaks for humming and dancing before he completely crashed out in his carrier. Before zonking out though he seemed to be having a great time, enjoying the sights and sounds (a steel drummer played during the event) as long as we were constantly in motion. We haven't been out that often so I was worried that he might be overstimulated by the bigness of the day, but he was a trooper, big toothless smiles and all. 

This weekend was a blessing, filled with lots of happiness, keeping us distracted. It was exactly what our family needed after this past week. Thank you to those who sent e-mails and messages of your love, support, and resources. You are amazing.


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