Monday, September 5, 2011

Ready to Fall

This past weekend I was brought to tears of joy looking through photographs of last Fall. I couldn't contain my emotion as I browsed these incredibly special moments in my life. The trip to the pumpkin patch, settling into our first real home, running through the fallen leaves with the puppy, the amazing experience of being newly pregnant with our first child, it was all there. 

I remember how new my life felt. It was all so fresh, full of love and excitement for the future. 

Fall 2010

Well the future is here and I am beginning to feel that wonderful excitement again. Traditionally Fall is a time of transition and wither, but in my experience it has always encouraged hopeful renewal. That crisp Fall breeze warms my heart and brings me quiet ease, focus. Pumpkin carving, soup making, cider drinking, hat crocheting- the whole darn thing makes me ridiculously happy. 

Not to mention, THE CLOTHES! Fall by far has the absolute best clothes. It's an accessorizers dream! And c'mon baby boy cardigans are about the most heartbreakingly sweet things I have ever seen...seriously.

The thought of sharing all of my favorite seasonal things with Ezra brings out some serious giddiness. I can't wait to show him the beauty that is this time of year. This summer was a rough one for us, but I have a feeling that Fall will treat us kindly.

Soon enough. Soon enough.


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Holly said...

Ahhhhh, I'm with you. (That was a sigh, not a scream.) :)