Monday, October 24, 2011

Zipping It

Yogic tradition teaches that it takes 40 days to change behavior; 40 days to develop a life promoting habit and 40 days to drop a destructive habit. With that idea in mind I will be taking some time away from Joyful Yoga. I feel I am in a place where I need to do more listening than speaking in hopes to cultivate a more thoughtful and less reactionary attitude.

I feel like I have finally stopped reeling from the changes (oh, so many changes) that new motherhood brings and am ready to take some time to figure it all out. My life is so different now, so beautifully different, than the one I had before. I think differently and feel differently and most definitely sleep differently. With all this change I need to step away, regroup, and allow myself the quietness to process it all. Now is a time of learning and I know for me it's very difficult to learn when I'm continually talking.

I love blogging about yoga, family, food, etc... and all the goodness and perspective that has been sent my way has been incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and love with me. I have so much fun with my little piece of the internet and I plan on returning, but for now my focus lies elsewhere. These days are so precious with Ezra and each shares a new look or laugh or ability. I want to soak this babyness up and really be in every moment without taking any time away to judge or analyze.

I want to live this incredible life for awhile, quietly, mindfully.


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