Saturday, December 31, 2011

And We're Back

These last couple of months, oh how I have loved these last couple of months! Sure there's been teething, sleepless nights, laundry mountains, etc... but there has also been peace and hope and feeling like myself again. Our days are filled with cuddles and babbling, a healthy dose of bad t.v. and good food. We've created a new life, a better life and are better able to work out the kinks as they come along. When there is craziness (and there always is with a little one) there is now a reserve of calm I can tap into. That feeling of hopelessness that would come and take over my world in those first months postpartum is out and has been replaced my a healthy dose of time, perspective, and ridiculous, ever-growing love.

Every once in a while you need to calm the noise and just focus on what you have, who you have and give the rest time. After Ezra's birth I felt so overwhelmed by well....everything. That beautiful, smooth transition into motherhood was not to be a part of my story.

And now... I couldn't imagine it any other way. Our struggles have made us a stronger family, me, a better wife and mother. We've walked a pretty rocky road and we are so much better for the journey.

Look at this adorable family! Seriously. I'm such a ridiculously lucky gal! 

I am still learning how to be patient and gentle with myself, but I can see the tangible effects of continuing to try. I am still the walking dead from sleep deprivation most of the time, but I am learning how to function with ease (even if it's as a sleepless zombie). I am still sometimes a rollercoaster of emotion (as my husband can attest), but I know that our love with always get us through.

With all that said, this little hiatus from all things bloggy has for sure been blissful, but I am so excited to get back into the swing of things! Thanks for having me back, internets. You sure are the best.