Monday, January 2, 2012

The Half Birthday Boy

And just like that six months is behind us.

I never knew it possible for my heart to grow so much is so little time. Every day brings so much new and watching Ezra's personality begin to emerge is just about the neatest thing I have ever experienced. His fits of giggles and hilarious brow-cocked smirks fill the space where sleep once lived and we can't help but gush like fools when anyone inquires about our boy.

 The past six months have most definitely been quite the ride. It's no secret that I struggled in those early months of Ez's life, but when I felt like I couldn't see the way he always lit the path. It took me awhile to learn the language, but now I feel pretty fluent in mama and the words and gestures come just as naturally as exhaling. He continues to let me know how to be his mother and I just try to be as present and attentive as I can to take the cues.

There is no teacher. There is no student. There is just us, learning the best way to love one another and fully experience the joy of our life.

I can see so many changes coming our way and I am so very excited about the future with our little man. As words replace spit up and the path to those first steps seems ever closer, I am reminding myself to savor every moment. He will only be a baby once.

 Happy half birthday, my beautiful ginger boy! You are just the absolute best and I couldn't love you more!




Danielle said...

Happy half birthday to your darling little boy!

And thank you so much for your comment on my Hey Jealousy post. It means a lot to read everything you wrote...

Mama Smith said...

Hi there. Your son is beautiful- that mouth! 6 months is a special time (at least it was for me). It was the end of the really insane "what am I doing" phase and the beginning of keeping up with a curious little person who becomes more his own man and less an extension of me each day. You're right to treasure each moment- even the miserable ones, as you know it flies by.

Tara said...

Thanks guys!

Mama Smith- I can definitely see that we're heading in that direction and it is so exciting! Those first several months we were all simply trying to get through the days with a just enough of sleep and sanity to function, a survival mode of sorts. Now that both he and I are more confident in ourselves everything is changing. What a ride motherhood is! Every day new ups and downs, but sometimes it is just so much fun!