Friday, January 13, 2012


Lately it seems that Ezra wants everything closer, more accurately in his mouth.

The rug. Closer. The dog. Closer. The concrete floor. Closer. My hair, clothes, hands, face. Closer. Anything within arm's reach is now fair game and I've had to step up my intercepting abilities. In the last 24 hours I have blocked a dog bone, a chair leg, an oven dial, and lot of "puppy kisses" from making it into his mouth (and I'm choosing to not think about the things I'm sure I've missed).

I don't know how it's possible to try to eat the floor, but I've seen my ginger boy sure make a go of it! Watching him drive downward, mouth and hands open and ready is about the funniest and most terrifying things I have yet to see.

Wish me luck in my mama vigilance! Hopefully I can keep the worst offenders at bay and keep us all safe and sane! Have a great weekend!




Danielle said...

Good luck, Tara. I can't even imagine all the determination that you have to put into this. Cute pictures, by the way!

Lea said...

Good luck! Just wait until they start eating their boogers!! ;-)

Noelle {Aloud} said...

I remember having to "baby-proof" MUCH earlier than I'd originally imagined, because Westley could suddenly get into everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. It was terrifying and frustrating and hilarious. Most of our belongings started living on high-up shelves, and even that didn't always do the trick! Hang in there, mama!

Tara said...

Thanks, ladies! The "baby-proofing" has already begun and the lil' bugger can't even crawl yet! A good scoot can get you a lot more than you'd think. Hehe. It seems like one day they're a little baby, completely helpless in every way, and the next they're a little boy with a little personality and little hands that can grab everything!

Mama Smith said...

It is a totally different world once they're mobile. One day all they want is to be held and the next they want to get down and explore. I gave up with worrying too much about what makes it in the mouth. It's a losing battle! He's so cute.