Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Morning Out

My mom drove up from Lee's Summit (about an hour and a half from us) yesterday to have some hang time with the ginger boy and give Kellen and I a couple of hours out. The timing of her visit couldn't have been better as Monday night was a pretty rough one for the family. Let's just say it involved several loads of laundry, many baths (for both me and Ez), very little sleep and a good amount of tears (unfortunately from everyone). After such a trying evening it was so lovely to have a bit of time away from the homestead, even if it was only a couple of hours on a Tuesday morning.

Once out Kellen and I had lunch. Such a small and simple act, but honestly I can''t remember the last time we did. You never realize all those little things that you take for granted until they're gone and eating in public together as a couple is definitely something that has been sacrificed since having Ezra. It was only veggie tostadas, but in a superficial way it made us feel young and carefree and that was sure nice for a moment.

After lunch we decided to use a gift card that had been given to us for Christmas. Oh, shopping. Even when it's not "my" money I'm still so stingy, digging through everything and searching for the best deals. We had a lot of fun with it and I think we made out pretty well.

What We Got:

For Baby:
5 onesies
2 pants
4 sleepers
Hoodie (so cute!)

For Hubby:
Plaid shirt

For Me:
Pair of peacock earrings
An owl necklace
Elephant brooch
Several pair of super cute undergarments

It was quite the haul! We are a fairly exclusive second hand family, so buying new is unusual for us. We had so much fun though picking out some really nice pieces for Ez and I'm excited to play/mix and match all my new accessories!

When we got home Ezra was still without a nap (at 1:30 PM this is unheard of), but was clearly having a ball with my mom. "Mimi" must have just been too much fun for him to doze off! Even though he was giggling I could see the tired in the poor bubby's eyes the second we walked in the door and after about 2 minutes of feeding and cuddling in my arm's he was out.

After a reassuring chat about the struggles of motherhood (thanks, mom!) my mama headed back home shortly, leaving me and my dozing boy back to our afternoon lounging. After my morning away I kept the sweet boy close, letting him nap in my arms for a couple of hours.

A lovely lull in a full and lovely day.




Mama Smith said...

I completely identify with that odd feeling of getting to do the somplest thing as a couple once you have a baby. It's auch a rare treat!

Danielle said...

That elephant broach is so cool!

Tara said...

Mama Smith- It's really strange! It felt so nice to be out, but I kept feeling like I had forgotten something and then I'd remember "Oh, yeah. I'm sans bebe." Funny, how quickly your day to day changes!

Danielle- Thank you! I'm such an accessories person and the second I saw it I just had to have it!