Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Love List

This week has been all over the map, lots of hugs as well as tears. Ezra is cutting his last upper incisor (are you tired of hearing about my baby's teeth yet?), making this his fourth tooth in two weeks. So yeah, the poor kiddo has just been a bit of a mess, but we're trying our best to keep him distracted and comfortable (translation: orajel, lots of singing and dancing, tons of trips to the park and walks around the block). When he's not in teething pain he's our giddy little baby, exploring the apartment, finding all of the cracks in my baby-proofing, and loving his new found freedom. I hope after this one pops through we get a bit of a break in the teething department. This poor baby's little gums can only take so much!

But as always there is lots to be grateful for...

Roasted veggies. Oh, how I have missed roasting asparagus, green beans, and brussels sprouts! This is pretty much all I have eaten this week and it has been awesome. Roasted veg with rice, pasta, or unadulterated on its own. So good!

Getting an entire new wardrobe for Ez on trade at Once Upon A Child. When all was said and done I actually walked away with cash in my pocket. Second hand children's stores are just the best.

Feeling rested and rejuvenated after a great weekend. A little getaway was exactly what I needed (but more on that later)!

Baby shoes! I'm usually of the baby shoes are ridiculous variety, but I just bought Ez his first pair and damn if they don't just melt my heart into a blubbering mess every time he wears them. Seriously, this kind of cute should be outlawed!

ALSO: Ez's asparagus face/ Some time with my mama/ Opening every window in my apartment and leaving them open all night/ Evening strolls in the park/ Spring seasonal beer/Revisiting old novels/ Homemade cappuccinos/ Inventive baby-proofing

As always I'd love to hear what's bringing you joy this week.




Mama Smith said...

Your asparagus looks so good, I haven't had any yet this year but I can already taste them. I love baby shoes. W only ever had one pair per stage until recently when I seem to have gone a little shoe crazy. Now that he's actually walking on them and shoes are required (as opposed to just cute) I can justify giving him a couple options :)

Getting some joy from flowering trees and starting my garden. It's all cold here after such a warm weather tease that I'm a little confused but still excited for spring!


Baby shoes ARE ridiculous, but that doesn't mean they're not also adorable! (And GREAT for keeping socks on when it's chilly.) Those are some seriously cute footies!

Also, I had a giant bowl of roasted sprouts for dinner last night, and it was heavenly.

Lauren said...

Those baby shoes are so cute! And yay for 2nd hand baby/children's stores. I think they should have more of those stores...

Thank you for the compliments on my blog!

Rebecca said...

I'm not looking forward to teething! Poor little Ezra. At least he has adorable shoes. :)

Warm weather and baby kisses are bringing me joy this week!

Annie said...

Roasted veggies are always on my list too :)