Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY: Paper Wreath

This paper wreath has been one of my favorite recent diy projects. It's really simple and can easily be made "seasonal" with more traditional winter colors. I made mine a few months back so it has a bit of an autumn feel, but with some dark greens, reds, and golds you've got an instant holiday piece.

What You'll Need:

Cardstock Paper (in at least 3 different colors)
Foam Wreath
Thick Ribbon
Push Pins

Step 1: Wrap your ribbon around the blank wreath, pinning along the way. You want to make sure to cover all of the wreath without bulking it up. Just wrap and pin until you can no longer see the foam.

Step 2: Cut your paper into leaf shaped pieces. You will need many pieces for an average size wreath (50+), so just this is by far the most labor intensive part of the project. Feel free to make them different sizes and slightly different shapes so as not to drive yourself crazy from repetition. I did this part while drinking some wine and watching Mission Impossible III. I highly recommend it. 

Step 3: Begin at the base of your wreath. Fold a leaf slightly in the center (you know to make it "leafy") and pin it into the wreath. Continue this around the wreath, alternating colors until you come full circle. This part seems really straight forward, but it will probably take you a minute to get the feel of folding and placing. Take your time and have fun with it! You're making a holiday wreath after all. You're a total badass!


And that's it! You now have an awesome wreath to show off at your holiday party (or if you're hermits like us, to your cat)!

Happy wreathin'!


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