Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Advent Calendar

My mother gave us a beautiful wooden Advent calendar for Ezra to use this holiday season. It is a tradition I absolutely love and something I was excited to share with our little guy. In the weeks leading up to December 1st Kellen and I searched for little (non-choking hazard) toys and trinkets to fill each day with. And although I wish I would have planned the gift to activity ratio a little better the whole thing has been a lot of fun so far. Fortunately Ezra is too young to realize the days that I forgot to plan something or are without a "surprise". Yay the short memories of toddlers! He's still too small to really understand the concept so every day we use the calendar is an awesome surprise in and of itself.

Although Ezra doesn't completely understand the advent calendar yet, it has definitely put the "grownups" of the house in the holiday mood. Every morning Kellen and I are giddy to see what's behind that day's door! (It seems we have short memories too!)

This has already been a very special first holiday season in our new home and this looks to be the beginning of a very fun and festive tradition that will bring us memories for years to come.




Mama Smith said...

Beautiful calendar! We have a paper one, no gifts or surprises, just pictures. It isn't quite as exciting, but it's still been fun to see what each day holds. Looks like Exra has had some excellent surprises already!

Lea said...

I love your advent calendar. I regret not doing one. And those are some cute little wooden toys.

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

That is the best advent calendar I've ever seen!! It looks huge too! Where did your mom ever find something so awesome! I LOVED advent calenders as a kid and we had a super lame one this year ; ) I didn't feel bad only because Carter's so young, but I'm determined to step up my game next year! : )