Monday, February 27, 2012

The Boy Who Loved Beets

We have been experimenting with lots of new foods on the baby menu lately and still have yet to find anything this kid doesn't like. It's amazing actually, Ezra acts like every food I put in front of him is the best darn thing ever. I mean, I consider myself a pretty good chef, but not that much effort goes into your basic bebe puree (so I guess I shouldn't let it go to my head).

I love it! His enthusiasm for food makes me that much more excited to introduce new things and play around with fun combos. I know that we are very lucky to have a little guy with such a great appetite and desire to try a variety of tastes and textures.

Exhibit A: Beet Carnage

 Do you like our seasonally inappropriate bib?

This week I think we will be introducing lentils and parsnips (two of my all time favs), so here's hoping his love of food continues!




Mama Smith said...

I remember beet purees- they stained Wyatt's face like he had a mysterious illness and they also stained his cloth diapers but well worth it- I love all root veggies! He looks so cute chowing down.


Beets are one of my favorites, and Westley loved them when he was teeny. He was a big fan of beet soup, specifically, but whoa did that make a mess!

Annie said...

awww too cute! I love that he loves food that much, especially when it's all of this healthy stuff! Ezra is so lucky to have a mom who feeds him so well :)
p.s. great turkey bib lol

Tara said...

Oh, the stains and the messes! So happy to hear that Ez isn't the only beet lovin' baby out there (and that I'm not the only mama cleaning beet stains)!

Annie- You are too sweet! We do love our turkey bib (so much so that we will wear it all year round)!