Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Love List

The Staves. Simple, stunning harmonies. I have decided to grow my hair out, work on my pout, and join this band.

The opportunity to have a relaxed afternoon at the park with some awesome mamas. A little adult conversation while the kids play goes a long way and Ez was an unnaturally chilled out baby the entire time, just laughing and playing while us ladies chatted. Unseasonably warm weather, a calm babe, and good conversation made for a great little outing.

A beautiful baby shower for a beautiful woman. I had such a lovely time celebrating an exciting new life with my favorite people! Great company, great food, great time.


ALSO Grapefruit. How did I forget how good this stuff is?/ A visit from my mama/ Ezra's hilarious precrawling dance moves/ Looking forward to a date night this weekend/ Finding a perfect filterless humidifier for Ez's room. He is an owl and we have lovingly named him "Owlfred"/ Homemade coffee with almond milk and stevia every morning/ Getting back into my crochet groove.

As always I'd love to hear what's bringing you joy this week! 


Danielle said...

coffee with almond milk sounds delicious.
& Owlfred? How adorable.

Mama Smith said...

How crazy cute is that baby?! We have the frog humidifier which also brings us much amusement. My joy is coming from a bit of snow today, leftover lasagne, and enjoying a fire (might not have too many more before spring).

Lea said...

I just picked up the yarn today too! I need to finish a blanket for a dear friend!

Annie said...

I love this list! A new big change that has been bringing me so much joy lately is my husband and I getting up a hour early, doing 30 minutes of yoga together, making breakfast and having homemade organic coffee or tea together :) Makes such a positive difference in our morning and the rest of the day! I love it :)
Have a wonderful, joy-filled weekend Tara! xo

Rebecca said...

What a bunch of lovely stuff! The thing bringing me the most joy this week is a baby who is starting to really get into playing, and only cries when she's hungry/tired (instead of for many mysterious reasons!). Also.. banana pudding. :)