Saturday, March 3, 2012

What Ez Is Up To: 8 Months

This weekend officially marks Ezra's eighth month planet-side and I can really see how quickly time is starting to move. It has been another month of big changes and an awesome explosion of personality and preferences.

What's New:

Barrel Rolling. Just not quite crawling this is the little guy's main mode of transportation at the moment. His roll is so much quicker than you would think humanly possible, especially for a baby. You lay him down ROLL ROLL ROLL ROLL and he's underneath the coffee table or couch or making his way down the hall in two second flat. Who needs to crawl when you can roll like that? Seriously, it's like a hilarious, useless superpower. We love it.

Schedule. We now have a road map! Hallelujah! Ez started to naturally develop a schedule around the beginning of last month and we just took it that extra step further and worked out the kinks until we reached something resembling a proper schedule. Somewhat flexible structure creates much needed stability in this house. It has really been a good thing for both us and Ezra. Now we all somewhat know how the day is going to unfold, which helps us prepare and creates a sense of much needed organization. This has been such a big deal and released so much tension in our house it's unreal.

SLEEP! With this week's teething attack as an exception, Ez has taken to sleeping like a champ and I feel like a new woman. I look back on those early months when I would fall asleep my eyes open at work or when putting together a coherent thought seemed like a victory and I would remind myself that sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. Torture. I am reminding myself of that a lot less lately. Yay! 

Food. What can I say? This bebe LOVES food. We have tried so much new stuff this month and he's been pretty much a super fan of everything. I'm sure me singing "Eating Bananas" over and over to the tune of Dirty Diana doesn't hurt.

Play. His play has become a lot more interactive this month, which has been a real joy for us. He seems much more interested in playing with us than before. He's still very much in his own little baby world, but the seedlings of proper interactive play are there and ah, it's just getting so much fun!


This month has truly been amazing. This darn baby just keeps getting more wonderful and now with a bit of structure we are all feeling more balanced. As the weather has been very mild we have been able to enjoy a few lovely days at the park and I can't wait to get outdoors more as the world comes alive again with Spring! Ez just seems to thrive being in the open air and/or around people.

I think it's pretty apparent at this point that we don't have a shy one on our hands here! He is our little explorer and adores being able to see new people or enjoy a change of scenery. Now he's still not too keen on anyone else but Kellen or me holding him in public, but I'm very happy to oblige and explore the new together. This babyhood business is so short lived so I will hold him close for as long as he'll have me.

I know a lot of big changes are coming our way and I can't wait to see what this upcoming month has in store for us! Warmer weather and a fully mobile baby should be an interesting combination. Wish me luck!




Christiana said...

Love! Do not doubt that you are adjusting and exploring with grace.

Mama Smith said...

He's too cute for words! My close friend has a baby the same age and she too has been talking about finally getting on a schedule and emerging from the fog of new mommyhood (she mentioned that she and her husband recently turned to eachother and said that at the beginning they both secretly thought they'd made a mistake but now it was finally paying off anf I had to laugh).

My Wyatt was not one for schedules for a good mmmm 11 months and is still not sure he digs them but he sleeps throught the night and that counts for something!

Wnjoy those silly rolls, you'll be chasing him soon :)

Mama Smith said...

Sorry for the typos :) I should always proof read!

Lea said...

Oh the joys of growing babies!!! He has been on a roll lately! So awesome!!

Annie said...

aww Happy 8 months to Ezra! I love the rolling he does - too cute. I'm so glad you're getting some more normal sleep! My niece is 11 weeks right now so my sister in law is going through that inability to form a coherent sentence/thought phase right now. Hope you guys are having a great weekend! xo