Friday, April 20, 2012

Hey Weekend! Where'd You Come From?

This week has flown, like crazy fast. I have begun working again (very part time) at a local tea house. It's a pretty seasonal thing, picking up around April and ending typically some time in October. People love to sit outside an adorable Victorian home, eating scones, and drinking gourmet tea. I totally get it. For the most part it is a really lovely work environment (the owner is a bit much, but often times I can deal), pays well, and I am able to work when it is convenient for my family. I definitely can't complain.

This weekend will be pretty jam-packed for this little family, but in the best way possible. Tonight a good friend of mine is coming by after my little guy (and my big guy) hit the hay. Wine, snacks, and conversation on the rooftop is the plan and I'm so looking forward to it. I absolutely adore this lady and we rarely get to see one another with our work/mama/wife/etc... schedules, so I'm very excited to have this time with her.

Saturday is a good friend's wedding and reception. Lucky for us they are having both in our building, making the whole thing pretty amazingly convenient. My dad will be coming over to watch the little guy after his bedtime so that we are able to enjoy the reception to its fullest. (And hey, we can just walk upstairs when we're done. Another glass of wine, well don't mind if I do...) Thanks, dad. You're the best (as always). 

Sunday we rest, snuggle, and lounge (in that order).

This weekend is looking to be pretty darn awesome and I'm very ready for lots of time with good friends and the fam.

What's everybody up to this weekend? Plans? Staying in?


Mama Smith said...

That does sound like the ideal weekend- lucky you! A wedding in your building is crazy convenient. Enjoy your night up late! Hopefully you've arranged to sleep in in the morning :)

Danielle said...

Your weekend plans sound incredible.
Congratulations on getting a job at a tea house, that sounds amazing and so relaxing in a way!

Annie said...

Wow, what a seriously great weekend! I hope you enjoyed every minute of it :)
What a cool part time gig to work at a tea house. I'm really excited because there is a tea house and "foot sanctuary" opening up near me ( I'm also especially excited since I make a lot of the beauty products for the line :) We also recently discovered a really authentic tea house in Georgetown and it's always such a treat to have a pot of tea there.
Hope you're having a good start to the week Tara!

Rebecca said...

That sounds like the ideal weekend! I hope it went just as planned and you got lots of fun and resting/snuggling/lounging in! :) Oooh, that's so neat that you've got a little job at a tea house. Jealous!!

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

The tea house job sounds amazing! So fun! I love tea, I would have to drink it all day/night long!