Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Flu, Cards, and Liebsters! Oh my!

This weekend I got hit hard by the flu. Hard. I haven't been sick in years and I quickly found out that being ill as a mom is a totally different ballgame than my pre-mama sickie days. Thank goodness I have an amazing, badass husband who took care of the little one, cooked the meals, cleaned the house, and provided general loviness and comfort. In addition to all the wonderfulness that the hubs was dishing out my mom came up and helped me with the little guy when Kellen's schedule prohibited him. (Thank you Kel. Thank you, Mom.) The last thing anybody wanted was Ezra to get the nastiness I was experiencing (super high temp, chills, sore throat, fatigue, and general craptitude), but it was so hard to stay away from him during my contagious period. Is it just me or do your kids get cuter when you know you shouldn't hug and kiss on them?

Every day I have been inching towards full health and today I was able to take a long walk in the park, work, and play with my little guy. I'm still feeling that lingering sluggishness that unfortunately comes along with the flu, but I think with another good night's rest I should be back at 100 percent.


To brighten up my sickly weekend I received these lovely handmade cards from Lauren at Ellie Soo. How cute are they, seriously? I have been meaning to get back into letter writing with some of my dearest friends across the country and I can't wait to put these adorable little cards to use! If you haven't received a hand-written letter in the mail in some time go ahead, put yourself out there, and write one because honestly it's so much fun (and unfortunately a lost art).

Opening up the mailbox to find a loving, thoughtful letter, even if it's about nothing really, will totally make someone's day. Yes, a sweet text or a kind message on facebook is nice and all, but nothing says 'hey I took the time and effort to send you some love' like a hand-written letter.

Thank you so much, Lauren. The cards are perfect!


And speaking of how sweet Lauren is, she also nominated me for a Liebster Award.

'Liebster' means 'favorite' or 'dearest' in German. This award, which originated in Germany, recognizes up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. 

Lauren, thank you so much. Seriously, this is such a sweet gesture. I love the community, friendships, information sharing and of course love and camaraderie that is shared in these little blogs of ours. I have learned and grown from being a part of this community and I hope to have contributed something positive to it as well. In the spirit of paying it forward I would like to nominate 5 of my favorite small blogs. Just to give a hat tip and a head nod for all the awesomeness you ladies are putting out there.

All Natural Annie
Noelle Aloud
Lea the Lion
Porcelain Heart, Ivory Tooth
Project Little Smith

Thanks for sharing your stories and insights! You ladies are truly inspirational!


I hope you guys are having a lovely week so far. Now that I am feeling better I can't wait to get out and enjoy that beautiful sunshine some more!




Mama Smith said...

Thanks so much Tara for the nimination- very much appreciated and you certainly have contributed a lot!

Hope you are feeling much better, being sick is the worst when you have a baby because you can't just be selfish and curl up in a ball. It sounds like you had a good support system though which is wonderful.

He looks uber cute with that little smile. Those babies find a way to keep getting cuter!

Lauren said...

Aw thanks Tara for the mention and I'm glad everything got to you in one piece! I hope you feel better soon.

Alicia Stucky said...

I love that very first day after a really bad bug when you realize you feel 100% better. It is definitely much suckier to be sick after you have kids that still depend on you... Glad you had someone awesome to take care of ya! Feel better soon. :-)

Annie said...

Awww Tara, thank you SO much!!! I am so honored :) Thank you again!!
I'm so sorry to hear you were sick, but I'm glad you're better now. I can't imagine how much harder it is to have the flu and have a little one.. Thank god for your husband!
Have a great day!! ~Annie xo

Rebecca said...

Hope you're back to 100% soon!! Robert and Audrey got sick over the weekend. No fun at all, especially since Audrey is soooo against me suctioning snot out of her nose. It's been a real struggle, haha.

Those cards are adorable. I love getting things in the mail - it definitely makes the day brighter!


Thanks for the love, mama!

Being sick with a little one is a special kind of awful. I think parents and other people who spend most of their time caring for children should be excused from all illness or injury.