Friday, May 4, 2012


Last Friday (after getting all packed up for our anniversary trip) I met up with some mama friends and hit up a city-wide mama/baby consignment sale at a local meeting hall. We were able to get there pretty early on the first day so the well of great stuff was relatively untapped. A thrifter's dream. I practically have a stroke anytime I buy new, so I try and take advantage of every second hand opportunity that presents itself. For the most part the prices at the sale were reasonable and there was a wide variety of items, keeping all of us with our varied needs very happy. We all walked away with nice hauls without breaking the bank, which makes it a successful trip in my book.

 Plush color blocks/ Animal bowling set

Pants for baby (Baby Gap)/ Pants for mama 


Plaiding it up!/ Shopping cart cover (Eddie Bauer)

Learning with Animals book set/ Wild animal hand puppets

I realized while browsing and catching up that it's these little outings and get-togethers that build community. It's the trips to the park and the living room playdates that help you feel connected and in this overwhelming and amazing experience that is motherhood I am learning that connectivity is crucial. Answering your phone, getting out of the house, and communing with people who care should be a weekly requirement for mothers (or at least this mother). We hibernated for a long time after Ezra was born and quite a bit of that was out of necessity, but it feels so good now to be getting out and about town, surrounded by great friends.

Speaking of getting out, this weekend should be full of some pretty exciting outings. I will be working more than usual (not exactly a blast), but we also have some really fun family plans this weekend that I am very much looking forward to!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!



Mama Smith said...

Nice buys! I always want to hit up those big sales but end up missing them... I am the worst shopper! It is a great feeling to get out and connect to other people and mamas more. We do it a little less now than we did during the crawling days but still always fun. Enjoy your weekend!

Annie said...

Oh my gosh, the animal bowling set is TOO cute!! I hope you have a great weekend :)

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

Love the animal bowling set! Good find! I totally agree with you about getting out, it's so much more fun!

Rebecca said...

What a bunch of awesome finds!! :) I agree that getting out is a total necessity! Woo, I had cabin fever when Audrey was a newborn. I had imagined hibernating all winter, but found myself actually taking the baby to the farmer's market when she was a couple of weeks old... Ha!! I just needed to be around other humans, so I didn't feel so consumed with the crazy new things that were happening! I'm enjoying sticking around the house more now, and only have one mama friend.. but it's definitely great to get together with someone and talk about all things babyhood! Just need to make more pals now. :)